Value Propositions

Customer Few companies master this technique that allows for accelerating baseline schedules and making decisions that result in significant time recovery and compliance with particular, yet common, demands, through an accurate decision-making process and close scheduling. Every day that is gained in the production or generation of a plant, is of tremendous value to investors and communities.

Customer Where others encounter difficulties and obstacles, SANTOS CMI sees a unique and feasible challenge. The company has sent its engineers and tools to very remote locations, such as the Brazilian and Ecuadorian rainforest, Caribbean and Pacific islands, the Bolivian jungle and Chilean highlands.

Managing logistics is no easy task, but well- trained men and women have learned to identify critical links early, and to employ effective solutions.

Customer Typically, EPC companies start as engineering firms that later integrate construction into their service. Not SANTOS CMI. It began as a general contractor, understanding constraints, dealing with productivity rates, and gaining hands-on experience. The transition to the engineering and procurement services came as the next logical step. This is why its design criteria provide true support for the construction team, rather than being merely a set of documents that have no insight of what fieldwork involves.

Customer Empathy. Team. Goal. Born as a consortium, the company greatly understands how to create effective teamwork out of highly productive individuals coming from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This value sets SANTOS CMI apart from the competition.

Forging carefully chosen alliances with local companies has brought clients in Latin America a full complement of extended services and a solid commitment to learn, share and implement collaborative best practices.

Customer It is not what you have done, but how you’ve done it. The basis for SANTOS CMI's success is its culture of planning ahead and reacting fast, with integration in mind.

Every member of the organization follows the Project Management methodology, with the belief that those tools help build a consistent and reliable business.