Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia inaugurates Andean Energy Summit in Bogotá

The Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, Amylkar Acosta inaugurated the 8th Andean Energy Summit in Bogotá, from which SANTOS CMI is again his sponsor, along with organizations such as the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and the National Hydrocarbons Agency of Colombia.

The summit will address issues related to oil exploration and production in Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, in addition to power generation initiatives thermal and hydraulic type, along with the outlook for financing in the region.

SANTOS CMI is a regional player with significant experience in the oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream, which included processing units of natural gas (UPGN) and oil production plants (CPF), as well as pumping stations , refineries, storage terminals and topping and distribution of liquid and LPG.